Monday, December 24, 2007

Bull Town Politics

Well here we are getting ready for the Presidential race in 2008, got the usual bunch running, all filthy rich, all saying what they think you want to hear, and all doing the usual white lies or stepping around the truth.

That is the good thing about Bull Town, you look down and know where you stand, might be some rabbit crap or dog poo to worry about but we all wear boots.

What I feel the country needs is some way to elect a regular citizen to be the next President, someone that has never seen a million dollars, someone who is not a lawyer, some one who cares more for this country and its people than all the foreign countries.

We should bring our men and women home, all of them, not just Iraq and Afghanistan, but all of them, close the German bases, get out of Korea, bring all the military, equipment and hardware home. It is time for America to take care of America, and quit pushing our policy on all the other countries.

Once all our people and equipment is home, stop the money support to all the other countries, why give oil rich countries money and get robbed by them when we buy oil, lets use our own oil and get better relations with our close oil rich countries to the South.

Use our military equipment and patrol our borders, stop the drugs and illegal activities from coming into the country, use the money we spend trying to buy friendship of foreign countries on our own info structure, better roads, bridges, homeless shelters, bring back the WPA programs, if you need a job, work for your handouts.

Clean up the medical system, the hospitals are charging us to death because of malpractice suits and insurance. Just set a malpractice cap on doctors and hospitals. So much for a death, so much for loss of function and so forth like an insurance policy I had when I was in school.

We send billions of dollars for children to eat in other countries and let our own people starve and go without, some thing different has to be done, we need to care about our own Americans for a change.

Make everyone take a safe gun handling course, teach all Americans about shooting and firearm safety, make it a school class, and then punish the hell out of those that use guns in crime, do not take our right to arms away. If every teacher in the W. Virgina college campus had been trained and were caring side arms, the sicko would never have taken so many lives, guns can save lives as well as take them. We do not send our solders into battle without guns, why should the American people be treated any different than solders, we have to battle crime each day.

So let us find a person that can serve this country without wanting to get rich, get rid of the lobby, throw out the lawyers, protect our country, bring home everyone, quit giving away all the American money to other countries and be more like Bull Town, just walk around the shit but if you have to step in it, wear big boots and do a good job cleaning them up later.

Enough for now.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Glad Someone Knows how this works!

Elaine and I had a great time at the Fire on the Mountain shoot at the Fridley ranch in SD, the food was great, weather good, and one heck of good shoot. I got out fairly soon, but Elaine made it to the shoot off for first and second and took second place.

Tanya another Drifter got first and a beautiful buckle, Ron Martinz took the men's first place on the major shoot for Saturday.

Elaine hurt her back and we did not do the Sunday shoot but headed for home.

Work on the NRA pistol range is going well at Bull Town, the dirt work is done and Max has made some targets, I am getting the fence finally up around the town to keep critters out and have only a few more days before hunting season opens.

Guess our shoots will take a bit of back seat so members can put some meat in the freezers, but we did shoot last Sunday and Dan Hust won mens first and Jo Ann Hust won the womens event. Way to go guys.

Have a good one out there pards.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Maybe I finally got it

After a few weeks of trying to get a post on the blog I've forgotten what I was going to post. Probably just as well.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, elections were held at Bull Town for the Bull Mountain Drifters Shooting Club and now I can retire.

New president Ryan Buffington will be the new gun in town with seconds Spencer Davidson and Chris Hurd to back him up. Congratulations boys the fun is just beginning.

We had a wonderful shoot at Bull Town last week during our annual Labor Day Showdown, a big thanks to all the sponsors and contestants that made our event a success.

Any contestants that have comments or suggestions to make our shoot better next year, lets hear from you.

Before you reply, just to let you know Team Showdown was such a succes that it will probably be offered again before the regular fast draw shoot. The single showdown will not run at all during the Cowboy Fast Draw competion, only when this is done will it be offered and probaly as some sort of consolation shoot to give us time to get ready for the awards ceremony.

I am new at getting this blog stuff set up, but hope this works out well.